Already over 24.6 million corona infections worldwide

Worldwide, more than 24.6 million people have already been proven to be infected with the coronavirus. Approximately 833,000 people have therefore died in connection with Covid-19 diseases. The USA continues to have by far the highest number of infections, followed by Brazil and India.

In the USA, at least 47,467 new infections were registered within 24 hours. To date, 5.93 million people have been infected in the country. The total number of victims is 181,862.

Chinese authorities announced nine new infections, as many as the day before. All those affected were travelers from abroad. Thus, for the 13th day in a row, no infections were reported domestically. In the case of the separately registered infections without symptoms in China, ten new cases were reported after 16 cases the day before.

Argentina reported a new daily high of 11,717 new corona infections. Nevertheless, the government has announced a relaxation of the nationwide protective measures. In the future, up to ten people will be allowed to gather outside if they wear a mask and observe the rules of distance, as President Alberto Fernandez explained in a television address. So far, 392,009 SARS-CoV-2 infections have been confirmed in the South American country, of which 8,271 were fatal.

In Brazil, the corona virus continues to spread rapidly. The authorities reported 43,412 new infections. The number of infections with the virus registered nationwide rose to more than 3.8 million within 24 hours, according to the Ministry of Health. The number of deaths increased by 855 from 119,504.

In Russia, 111 more deaths related to the coronavirus were registered within 24 hours. This brings the total number of victims announced by the authorities to 17,025. 4941 new infections were also recorded. In total, 985,346 people in Russia have been proven to be infected with the virus. Russia ranks fourth in the world in terms of infection figures. The number of reported deaths is low in international comparison.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 1,479 new infections have been reported from Germany. This means that the number of proven cases of infection rose to a total of 240,986 within 24 hours. Another person had died with or as a result of the coronavirus. The number of deaths now stands at 9,289.

— Hector Pascua, Source: Austrian Press Agency, Picture:

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