Good to know: Overview of all relaxations and rules from 7 December

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Starting today, Monday, the hard lockdown in Austria will be gradually relaxed. First of all, trade and compulsory schools will now be allowed to resume operations. Night-time exit restrictions will continue to apply, and restaurants and hotels will have to remain closed.

⛔️ Exit restrictions
▶️ In the time from 20 to 6 o’clock you may leave the house only for the following reasons:

Necessary basic needs of daily life
Help/care for other people
Exercise in the fresh air
▶️ During the day (6 a.m. to 8 p.m.) it is possible for people living together in one household to meet with another household (up to 6 adults and 6 children).

▶️ On 24/25/26 December and at the turn of the year on 31 December it is possible for a total of ten people to meet, regardless of the number of households involved.

? Boundaries
▶️ Just before Christmas there will be restrictions on re-entry to Austria.

▶️ All countries with an incidence of more than 100 in the 14-day incidence are classified as risk areas.

▶️ Persons entering Austria from one of these areas must remain in quarantine for ten days. Currently, all neighboring countries are affected. After five days, a PCR test can be performed to terminate the quarantine if the test result is negative.

▶️ There will be exceptions for commuters etc. The regulation will be valid until January 10th, the main target here is the Orthodox Christmas on January 7th.

? Public places
▶️ In principle, the following applies: In public places, all persons who do not live in their own household must be kept at a distance of one meter.

▶️ When meeting in closed public places, keep a distance of one meter and wear a mouth and nose protector.

▶️ Birthday celebrations, anniversary celebrations are prohibited.

? Kindergartens and compulsory schools
Compulsory schools and kindergartens resume regular operations. From the age of ten years on, masks are also compulsory in lessons.

? Secondary schools and universities
High schools and universities will continue to offer distance learning. For high school graduates, regular operations will be resumed.

? Retail/trade
▶️ The trade has opened again. It is mandatory to wear a mouth and nose protector.

▶️ A restriction of ten square meters per customer applies to customer areas. In shopping centers, only those areas of stores are counted as floor space.

? Services
▶️ All services, including those close to the body, are open. There is an obligation to wear a mouth and nose protector.

▶️ For customer areas a restriction of ten square meters per customer applies.

▶️ Food and beverages may not be given to customers in the case of services close to the body.

? Workplace
▶️ Wherever possible, work should be done in the home office.

▶️ At the workplace, a distance of one meter must be maintained between people, unless there are other protective measures (plexiglass walls, etc.). If it is not possible to keep the distance and there are no other protective measures (partitions, plexiglass walls, fixed teams, etc.), it is necessary to wear a mouth and nose protector.

? Homes for the elderly, nursing and disabled
▶️ Employees must be tested weekly. If no tests are available, an FFP2 mask must be worn.

▶️ Newly admitted residents must present a negative result of a corona test.

▶️ Visitors must present a negative test result. Only one visitor per resident per week is allowed.

▶️ Minor residents of homes for the disabled and residents in need of support may be visited by two people (e.g. parents).

▶️ Excluded from the one person/week rule is e.g. palliative or hospice care.

▶️ The operators must also draw up a Covid-19 prevention concept to minimize the risk of infection.

? Hospitals and health resorts
▶️ Employees must be tested weekly. If no tests are available, an FFP2 mask must be worn.

▶️ Only one visitor per patient per week is allowed if the stay is longer than one week.

▶️ Minors and patients in need of support may be accompanied or visited by two persons (e.g. parents).

▶️ Excluded from the one person/week regulation is e.g. accompaniment to pregnancy examinations before, during and after delivery or palliative or hospice accompaniment.

▶️ The operators must also draw up a Covid-19 prevention concept to minimize the risk of infection.

? Gastronomy
▶️ Restaurants/Catering establishments are closed.

▶️ Pickup is possible in the period from 6 to 19 o’clock. No open alcoholic beverages may be sold by pickup.

▶️ Delivery services are permitted without time restrictions.

▶️ From 7th January the restaurant can reopen under restrictions depending on the occurrence of infection.

? Pubs, bars, nightclubs
Are closed.

? Hotels and lodging establishments
▶️ Are closed. There are exceptions, e.g. for business trips that cannot be postponed.

▶️ Starting from 7 January accommodating enterprises can open again under restrictions depending upon infection happening.

? Christmas markets
Are not permitted.

? Culture & Events
▶️ Events are prohibited (this includes cultural events, sporting events, wedding celebrations, birthday parties).

▶️ Excluded are rehearsals and artistic performances without an audience, which are for professional purposes.

▶️ From 7 January cultural institutions and cinemas may reopen with restrictions depending on the incidence of infection. An interim evaluation will take place in mid-December.

? Museums, libraries
▶️ Museums and libraries are open again. It is mandatory to wear a mouth and nose protector.

▶️ There is a limit of ten square meters per visitor for visitor areas.

? Sports
▶️ All contact sports (soccer etc.) are prohibited, indoor sports facilities are closed for amateur athletes.

▶️ Outdoor sports facilities will be reopened: Ski touring, cross-country skiing, tobogganing etc. are allowed with distance. Only skiing is only possible from 24 December, when the ski areas are allowed to open.

?♂️ Leisure facilities
It is forbidden to enter leisure facilities such as fitness studios, indoor swimming pools, etc. Animal parks can reopen outdoor from 24 December.

⚽️ Top-class sport
Top athletes and their trainers are allowed to enter sports facilities and practice their sport professionally or participate in international competitions.

? Carpools and cabs; cable cars
▶️ The formation of carpools and the use of cabs is only permitted if there are only two people per row of seats (including the driver). In addition, a mouth and nose protector must be worn. Exceptions are made for transports of kindergarten children or for transports of people with disabilities, if this is necessary due to the number of passengers as well as when getting on and off the train.

▶️ Cable cars, gondolas & lifts may not be used for recreational purposes until 23 December. From 24 December onwards, cable cars, gondolas & lifts (in enclosed spaces with a capacity limit of 50 percent) may also be used for leisure purposes. MNS is also mandatory in the waiting and boarding areas.

? Mass transportation
Public transport can be used. In public transport and at subway stations, bus stops, airports, etc., a mouth and nose protector must be worn and kept at a distance of one meter.

? Events for the practice of religion
▶️ The practice of religion is permitted. The religious communities make their own rules to minimize the risk of infection, whereby MNS must be worn indoors in any case.

▶️ Public services in the Catholic Church start again on Monday with increased protective measures: The most important rules are that a minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained during church services. Both in closed rooms and outdoors, a mouth and nose protector must be worn. Only the priest does not wear a mask, only during communion.

▶️ Funerals can be held with a maximum of 50 people, minimum distance rule and mouth-and-nose protection.

?? Weddings
The wedding in the registry office is only possible in exceptional cases. Wedding ceremonies are prohibited.

— hector pascua, with reports from APA and picture:

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