RECIPES FOR KEEPS – featuring all-time Filipino and international recipes

Vienna, Austria – Food plays a major role in promoting a country’s national identity and culture. But while millions of Filipinos live and work in countries around the world–with a considerable number employed in the hospitality industry–Filipino cuisine has yet to make its mark overseas.

Recipe for keeps aims to change that. To promote and encourage greater appreciation of Filipino cooking traditions,  ENFID-Austria (the European Network of Filipino Diaspora) came out with Recipes for keeps and aims  to boost the Philippines’ standing among the world’s best cuisines.

The book  has 79 mouth watering recipes from 46 contributors from 5 continents across the world: Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, South America

Proceeds from the initial sales of ENFiD-Austria’s cookbook: “RECIPES for Keeps” is earmarked to provide food and medicines to indigent families in Negros Occidental; to provide books and school supplies to over 80 school children in Palawan; and to assist a Blaan indigenous tribal community in South Cotabato. We hope to be able to assist other impoverished communities in the Philippines with this project in 2021.



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