British mutation now also in Russia and Mexico

The new form of coronavirus that has recently spread mainly in England has now been detected for the first time in Russia. The mutation form was detected in a traveler returning from Britain, the head of the health protection agency said Sunday. The variant has also been detected in Mexico.

In Mexico, authorities in the northern sub-state of Tamaulipas said the new coronavirus variant, was detected in a 56-year-old man. He had flown from Mexico City to Matamoros, immediately adjacent to the U.S. border, on Dec. 29, said Tamaulipas Health Minister Gloria Molina. She described the man as an “international traveler.” She did not provide information on his nationality.

The mutation, designated “B. 1.1.7,” is more contagious than the otherwise rampant coronavirus, according to previous findings. However, there is no evidence that the vaccines are not also effective against this variant.

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