Obligation to register when entering Austria from Friday

Starting Friday, an entry regulation comes into force. One must register online before traveling. This also applies to Austrians. The Foreign Ministry sent out a corresponding information to Austrians abroad on Monday afternoon. The quarantine obligation after entry remains in effect until further notice. Only after five days one can free oneself.

Of course, there are exceptions. For example, commuters, transients, and persons arriving for urgent family matters that cannot be postponed, such as a funeral, will neither have to undergo the ten-day quarantine nor register.

Individuals entering from a country currently little affected by Corona will be exempted from quarantine, but not from registration. This list of countries is being updated these days. Ireland and Uruguay are no longer considered safe. Singapore and Greece are regarded as such. Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Norway and Finland can enter Austria withour restrictions.

Specify place of residence
When registering online, you not only have to provide your name and contact details, but also where you stayed in the days before your trip.

In addition, an address in Austria must be noted and, if possible, how long one intends to stay in the country. If you have taken a PCR test abroad, which is a prerequisite for quarantine-free travel, you can upload it when you register.

The corresponding PTC form will be available on the website www.oesterreich.gv.at in German and English. As of 15 January, i.e. Friday, entrants are obliged to present the confirmation of transmission from the PTC system either electronically or in printed form at the time of an inspection.

The information will be sent to around 200,000 registered Austrians living abroad and around 2,500 registered tourists. The corresponding ordinance will be issued in the next few days, probably on Tuesday. Its aim is to facilitate contact tracing in the case of Corona infections.

  • Source: diepresse.at/picture: pixabay.com

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