Already 120,000 pre-registrations for Corona vaccination in Vienna

Registration on online platform is already possible before the official start on Monday

Even before the announced start on Monday, it has been possible in Vienna to register for the coronavirus vaccination on the pre-registration platform On Saturday, an unadvertised “soft launch” of the function took place. Interest was very high over the weekend: by Sunday afternoon, as of 3 p.m., 120,000 Viennese had already left their data.

The City of Vienna justified the earlier start of the pre-registrations with the fact that one wanted to avoid a collapse of the servers on Monday. The official kick-off is scheduled for tomorrow, Monday, 10 am. Then the registration function will also be placed more prominently on the vaccination service website. Pre-registration, by the way, is not only possible online, but also by calling 1450.

However, the registration does not mean that a specific appointment for a vaccination has been made. People who have registered will only receive appointment suggestions at a later date. There is no first-come-first-served principle, as has already been assured several times. And the registration platform also stated, “The time of preregistration has no influence on the ranking for vaccination.”

When registering, personal data must be entered into a form. From the respective data it depends in which phase one is invited to the vaccination. Among other things, the age is decisive here. To persons from 80 years the vaccine is to be administered already in the middle of February, for example.

Some occupational groups are noted
For better classification, those willing to be vaccinated must also select occupational/personal groups to which they belong. The following options are available here: General preregistration – not belonging to any group, Occupational cross-border commuters (pilots, flight attendants, etc.), Retail trade, Close contacts of pregnant women in the same household, Gastro/tourism, High-risk group, Health care providers close to the body (physiotherapists, ergo-therapists, speech therapists, etc. ), cultural workers, mobile home care users (relatives and clients), non-mobile home care users (relatives and clients), non-medical body-related professions (e.g. hairdressers, beauticians, masseurs, chiropodists, etc.), established and mobile non-medical health care professions, mobile care staff, and pupils and students over 16 years of age.

Furthermore, interested parties can also be placed on the waiting list on the pre-registration platform. If vaccine is unexpectedly left over during vaccinations, these persons will be contacted – according to the vaccination prioritization – and can stand in spontaneously within one to two hours.

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