How to get the Corona vaccination in Vienna

Tomorrow the city of Vienna launches the city’s pre-registration platform. In a few steps you can register there for the Corona vaccination. However, there are no dates yet.

Tomorrow, Monday, 18 January 2021 starts the pre-announcement and registration platform announced by the city for the Covid-19 vaccination in Vienna. Starting at 10 a.m., the Viennese can register online for a Corona vaccination at However, pre-registration by telephone is also possible at the health telephone 1450 (0 to 24 o’clock).

The registration for the Corona vaccination takes only a few minutes and consists of three main steps:

The first step is a comprehensive information about the preregistration itself. Here, information is given about the phased vaccination of the vaccine to all Viennese over 16 years of age who are willing to be vaccinated. And it is pointed out that vaccination is voluntary, there is no obligation.

This is followed by a list for occupational and personal groups for which preregistration is possible. These are selected in a drop-down menu in a later step. It is noticeable that not all occupational and personal groups can be selected – this is due to the fact that these are coordinated centrally in the respective institution via institutionalized vaccination offers (e.g. via vaccinations directly in the companies).

Afterwards, those interested in vaccination must either register with Impfservice Wien or – with an already existing account – log in. As soon as this has been done, you can choose the way in which you will be informed as soon as vaccination appointments are possible. This is possible via e-mail, SMS or phone call.

The prerequisite for being vaccinated in Vienna is a residence in Vienna. However, this does not have to be a main official residence. For example, students who study in Vienna and give an address in a Viennese dormitory can still register.

In this step, the selection of the affiliation to an occupational or personal group is now made via a drop-down menu. The city asks the Viennese to honestly indicate which group they belong to. No one need be afraid of being late. “There is no first-come, first-served principle. Preregistration ensures that everyone is assigned to a prioritization group. When the vaccine for that group arrives, you’re notified. Then one can make an appointment at,” the city explains.

Viennese who fall into more than one group, such as a hairdresser who is also assigned to the high-risk group due to pre-existing conditions, are then contacted with the group that comes first in the city’s vaccination strategy.

The third and final step is then to submit the data. After that, a window will appear titled “Thank you for your reservation for Covid 19 vaccination.” When this window appears, it means that everything worked out in the preregistration process. Once vaccines are available for that group, those preregistered will be contacted.

This happens, depending on the selection made, via e-mail, SMS or phone call. In this, one is informed that appointments are now possible and is asked to sign up for a time slot when making the appointment itself. This is also done via the website or by phone. Both required vaccination appointments are also fixed at the same time, because two partial vaccinations are required for the full vaccination.

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