Some Austrian Supermarkets offer FREE FFP2 Mask on Monday, 25 January 2021

Starting January 25, FFP2 masks must be worn in stores and on public transportation. In some supermarkets customers receive the mask free of charge, reports in its online platform.

Starting from 25 January FFP2 mask obligation applies according to Federal Government in the trade. The customer rush on the FFP2 masks was just as large in the last days as the uncertainty of the population. Billa, Merkur and Penny are therefore providing every customer with the first FFP2 mask free of charge from Monday, 25.1. to Wednesday, 27.1. This offer is valid while supplies last at each location.

“The demand for FFP2 masks has been really high in the last few days. We have noticed that there is also a lot of uncertainty about the availability of FFP2 masks,” explained REWE International AG CEO Marcel Haraszti on Saturday.

He continued, “That’s why we’ve decided to counteract this and take some of the pressure off by providing our customers with the first FFP2 mask free of charge during the first days of mandatory FFP2 mask-wearing starting Monday.”

This will allow customers to “shop with us safely and in compliance with the federal government’s regulations,” REWE International AG CEO Marcel Haraszti added.

In recent days, there has been increased demand for FFP2 masks throughout the grocery store. At the start of the FFP2 masks carrying obligation on Monday, 25 January sufficient masks will be available. More than 5 million masks have already been delivered to Billa, Merkur, Penny, and another 15 million have been ordered.

The masks will be delivered regularly. This means that customers are reliably supplied, and where masks are temporarily out of stock, they are replenished by local producers.

At SPAR, too, all customers receive one free mask per day for their purchase, as long as stocks last. The free masks are handed out at the entrance of SPAR, EUROSPAR, INTERSPAR and Maxim stores, one per customer. In addition, SPAR also offers FFP2 masks for purchase at 0.59 euros each.

For the time being, SPAR has around 20 million pieces of certified FFP2 masks in stock. The majority of the masks come from Austrian production, part from Europe and a small part from Asia, all of which are of course certified. This means that the supply for employees and all customers who come to shop in the coming weeks is assured.

Although there are enough masks in stock, it does not make sense to be wasteful with them for environmental reasons. SPAR asks that the masks be handled with care and used multiple times for purchases.

In addition to the free masks, there are also masks available for purchase, in single, 5-pack and 10-pack packages. For the single masks, there is a quantity limit of 5 pieces.

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