Stricter entry conditions to Germany

More than 20 countries with particularly high CoV infection rates are subject to stricter rules for entry into Germany as of today. These high-risk areas include the neighboring Czech Republic, the vacation destinations Portugal, Spain and Egypt, and the USA. Anyone wishing to enter Germany from these countries must be able to present a negative coronavirus test (PCR test) no more than 48 hours old at the border.

According to the German Interior Ministry, the tests are systematically checked at airports and seaports. In border areas with other EU states and Switzerland, entrants will be checked on a random basis and without suspicion.

Previously, the German government had differentiated between areas with particularly infectious virus variants and “normal” risk areas. Now, three categories with different testing and quarantine rules apply.

Three categories
“Normal” risk areas are countries or regions above a threshold (also called incidence level) of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days. Travelers must be tested no later than 48 hours after entering Germany. In addition, they must remain in quarantine for ten days, although they can be released from quarantine early if they test negative a second time after day five.

High-incidence areas are countries with significantly higher infection rates than in Germany. As a rule, these include countries with a 7-day incidence of more than 200, but other countries below this level can also be declared high-incidence areas under certain conditions. In these cases, a test must be presented upon entry.

This also applies to entry from virus variant areas. These include regions in which highly infectious variants of the coronavirus have occurred. So far, Great Britain, Ireland, South Africa and Brazil fall into this category. When entering from countries in all three categories, one must also register online prior to entry.


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