False policeman deprived 83-year-old woman in Vienna of her savings

Last week, an 83-year-old woman in Vienna-Döbling became a victim of a trick scam. A fake policeman scared her of alleged burglars and deprived the woman of a six-figure sum of money.

Trick fraud: Seven nasty scams
An 83-year-old woman in Vienna-Döbling fell victim to tricksters pretending to be police officers. Cash and gold, which the woman had at home, in the clear six-figure range is gone. According to police spokesman Marco Jammer, one of the perpetrators called the pensioner, who lives in Grinzing, on February 16 around 14:00 and pretended to be an officer on duty at the provincial criminal investigation office.

Victim put in fear of burglar gang
He made the 83-year-old believe that the police had locked up a Romanian gang of burglars, but that two members of the group were still at large and planning further acts. In the process, they had targeted the 83-year-old’s apartment. She would therefore do well to hand over her cash and other valuables to the police.

The woman then packed a travel bag with around 10,000 euros in cash and gold worth a six-figure sum.

She placed the bag in front of the door. The perpetrators again involved the woman in a telephone conversation, while a gang member took the bag. It did not occur to the elderly lady that she had been defrauded until the next day.

Contrary to the agreement, the “criminal police officer” did not call back. The 83-year-old then informed the real police.Travel bag with savings for fraudsters placed in front of the door

In this context, the Vienna police drew attention to a number of points:

The police never asks money or valuables.
End suspicious phone calls and dial 133.
Do not give details of family or financial circumstances.

  • source: vienna.at

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