Corona pandemic One third of Germans do not want to be vaccinated

More than 68,000 people in Germany have died from or as a result of the corona virus – yet many citizens take a critical view of vaccinations. According to a study, the reservations are often success-oriented people.

Vaccination center in Niedersachsen
There are clear reservations against the restriction of freedoms in the pandemic and against a Corona vaccination, according to a survey. A third of citizens in Germany (33 percent) “rather” or “completely” reject encroachments on civil liberties to combat the pandemic. And 34 percent do not want to be vaccinated, according to the representative survey commissioned by the Bertelsmann Stiftung and published on Wednesday.

For the survey, the Norstat Institute interviewed more than 1,000 adults at the end of 2020. According to estimates of the foundation in Gütersloh, the negative attitude towards vaccination and restrictions on freedom is above average among particularly performance- and success-oriented people. The corona crisis exacerbates conflicts of values that were already smoldering, said Yasemin El-Menouar, co-author of the study “Between Individual Freedom and the Common Good”.

Around 45 percent of respondents were also convinced that the crisis could also have positive effects – in terms of climate protection and social coexistence. And 82 percent agreed with the statement that the pandemic demonstrates the need for profound change in society.

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Currently, the Robert Koch Institute reports a stagnant number of new infections instead of declining figures recently. Figures released by the RKI on Wednesday show that health authorities in Germany reported 8007 new Corona infections within one day. In addition, 422 more deaths were recorded within 24 hours. Exactly a week ago, the RKI had recorded 7556 new infections and 560 new deaths within one day.

Since the start of the pandemic, the RKI counted 2,402,818 detected infections with Sars-CoV-2 in Germany (as of Feb. 24, 03:10 a.m.). The actual total number is likely to be significantly higher, as many infections are not detected. Accordingly, the total number of people who died from or with the involvement of a confirmed infection with Sars-CoV-2 increased to 68,740.

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