Czech government again declares state of emergency

Yesterday, the Czech government again declared a state of emergency due to the recently worsening coronavirus situation. It is to apply until March 28. Based on the re-imposed state of emergency, the existing restrictions may remain in force and additional tightening measures may be adopted. The minority cabinet of Prime Minister Andrej Babis did so in response to the renewed rise in the number of infections, which is pushing the country’s healthcare system to the edge of its capacity.

The new state of emergency does not require the approval of the Chamber of Deputies because, in the legal sense, it is not a continuation or extension of the previous state of emergency, which is valid until tomorrow, Saturday. This was decided two weeks ago on the basis of a request from the regions or their district chiefs, after the parliament had previously rejected an extension of the state of emergency. Therefore, it is now a new state of emergency that the government can impose for 30 days.

The new state of emergency comes into effect in a situation where the pandemic is increasingly getting out of control. The number of new infections in the country of 10.7 million people is rising again and stands at around 15,000 on working days. Health Minister Jan Blatny expects a further increase in the coming days and around 20,000 new infections daily.

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