More than 2,100 Corona deaths in third wave of infection

The eastern region has been hit particularly hard by the COVID 19 pandemic in Austria. Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland account for more than half of those who have died since February. In total, 9,843 people have died with Covid-19 across Austria since the outbreak of the pandemic, including 2,122 in the third wave. This is according to reports from the provinces evaluated by Austrian Press Agency. According to figures collected by the Interior Ministry’s crisis team, more than two-thirds of Corona deaths occurred in the second wave of infection. From September of the previous year to January 2021, the provinces reported 6,988 deaths. In the first wave of infection through May of the previous year, 668 deaths were reported. In the extremely quiet summer, there were 65.

Since February, the provinces have reported an additional 2,092 deaths, more than half of which (1,208 or 59 percent) occurred in the three eastern region provinces. Thus, in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland, three out of ten Corona deaths occurred in the third wave of infection. By comparison, in Vorarlberg and Tyrol, one in ten Corona deaths has died since February, and the Austrian average is two in ten.

The pandemic has claimed the most lives so far in Vienna (2,059), closely followed by Styria (1,928) and Upper and Lower Austria (1,666 and 1,664, respectively). They were followed by Carinthia (770), Tyrol (610), Salzburg (551), Burgenland (310) and Vorarlberg (285 deaths). In terms of population size, however, Styria and Carinthia have had the highest number of corona-related deaths to date, 155 and 137 per 100,000 inhabitants, respectively. In Austria as a whole, 111 per 100,000 inhabitants have died after corona infection since the outbreak of the pandemic.

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