Czech Republic opens borders for tourists from EU countries

The Czech Republic will open its borders to tourists from all EU countries and Serbia from June 21. This was announced yesterday by Health Minister Adam Vojtech. Travelers will have to prove that they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, have tested negative or have recovered. It would be enough if the first vaccination was more than 22 days ago.

The tourism industry in the Czech Republic has suffered greatly from the pandemic. The number of foreign hotel guests in 2020 fell by almost 75 percent compared to the previous year.

For some time now, vaccinated tourists from Germany, Austria and five other EU countries have been allowed to travel to the Czech Republic again if the first shot was more than 22 days ago. An online entry form must be filled out.

The Czech capital wants to boost travel with the “In Prague like at home” program. Overnight guests receive free tickets to museums, monuments, galleries or the zoological garden.

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