New Corona rules to be implemented on Thursday

The countdown to the next opening steps or relaxations in Austria is on! On June 10, there will be further easing throughout the country. The reason for further relaxations is obvious: in recent weeks, the Corona situation in Austria has continued to improve, and the number of new infections has also remained at a low level for some time.

For example, the value of 400 Corona cases in 24 hours has not been exceeded for several days; the last time this was the case was on June 2 with exactly 400 new infections. And also in the relaxation week the Corona numbers remain further on a low level. There were 279 new infections yesterday (Monday) and 243 today (Tuesday) – a massive drop of almost a third compared to the previous week.

Thanks to the stable Corona situation in Austria, it is also possible to stick to the planned relaxations in two days. After all, if the Corona figures had risen dramatically after the openings on May 19, the federal government would probably have pulled the emergency brake again and postponed further easing. However, such a scenario did not occur – thanks in part to Corona vaccinations, which are progressing at a rapid pace.

But which relaxations will actually come into force in Austria from June 10? One of the most important points right at the start: the outdoor mask requirement will no longer apply! However, this relaxation does not apply in all areas, because in the catering trade, masks must continue to be worn outdoors.

  • Starting Thursday: a maximum of eight adults are allowed per table indoors, and a maximum of 16 adults per table outdoors – plus children who require supervision per table. In addition, the closing time will be extended from the current 22:00 to 24:00. However, 3G proof still applies, of course. Only those who have been vaccinated, tested or recovered will be allowed in a restaurant.
  • From June 10, the valid minimum distance will also be reduced from two to one meter. The minimum square meters per customer can thus be reduced from 20 to 10, for example in retail. This also applies to museums and sports.
  • Up to eight people are allowed to meet indoors, and up to 16 people are permitted outdoors – plus children, of course! However, a mask as well as distance obligation applies with a meeting starting from eight persons. From 17 people, there is also an obligation to display.
  • For events with fixed assigned seating, 3,000 people are allowed outdoors and a maximum of 1,500 people are allowed indoors. Organizers are also allowed to allocate a maximum of 75 percent of the available seats. In sports and leisure venues, 10 square meters must be available per guest.

Incidentally, the Corona rules are not likely to apply for long from June 10, because further relaxations are already planned for July. From July 1, for example, there should be no more restrictions in the catering trade, and the same applies to events. In addition, a mask will only have to be worn where the “3G rule” is no longer controlled, for example in public transport or supermarkets.

The only condition for the planned relaxations: the Corona situation in Austria must not deteriorate again! In addition to the 7-day incidence, the utilization of hospitals or intensive care units plays a decisive role. If the number of Corona patients in the hospitals remains at a low and stable level, there will be nothing to prevent further openings from July 1.

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