The Vienna Housing Bonus ’23 – now available

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The Vienna Housing Bonus ’23 is a subsidy the State of Vienna provides. There is no legal entitlement to the Vienna Housing Bonus ’23.

The City of Vienna sends an information letter to every address in Vienna where one or more persons have registered their primary residence as of the cut-off date of June 28, 2023. The letter contains the password you need to apply online.

Two hundred euros can be paid out per Viennese address. You will receive the grant on the account you indicated in the application. If you have not stated an account, the instruction will be mailed. The payment is usually made a few working days after you have submitted your application.

Only one request can be made per address. If you have your primary residence in an assisted living facility in Vienna, you can submit a separate application for yourself.

Data protection
Information on data protection and your rights as a data subject can be found in Information on data protection law.

An application for the housing bonus can be submitted by persons over 18 who have registered their primary residence at a Viennese address by the cut-off date of June 28, 2023.

Your application will be automatically rejected if you are registered at your address after the cut-off date.

You can apply if registered at a Viennese address with primary residence on the cut-off date and moved afterwards. You will have to indicate your new address in a postal order.

The following annual income limits apply:

Forty thousand euros gross if one person has their primary residence at one address (under § 1 (7) MeldeG).
One hundred thousand euros gross if more than one person has their primary residence at an address (according to § 1 para. 7 MeldeG).
Only the income of persons over the age of 18 is taken into account.

The income limit of 40,000 euros gross also applies if you have your primary residence in an assisted living facility in Vienna.

The income limit of 100,000 euros gross applies, for example:

If you are a single parent, your minor child has their primary residence with you.
If you live with your parents in a single-family home.
If you live in a shared apartment with other persons aged 18 or over who also have their primary residence there.
To apply, your income must be below the income limits.

You can find your gross annual income on your 2022 income tax notice. If you do not have an income tax assessment for 2022, the income tax assessment 2021 is decisive. If you do not have an income tax assessment for 2021 and 2022, you can refer to the 2022 annual wage slip. The 2023 income is not relevant for eligibility.

If you did not receive taxable income from the seven types of payment under the Income Tax Act and received only one of the benefits below in 2022, then you meet the requirements regarding the income limits. The following benefits do not count toward gross annual income.

Viennese minimum benefit
Viennese basic income support
Housing allowance
AlVG and AMSG benefits such as unemployment benefits, emergency assistance, retraining allowances, allowance to cover subsistence or allowances for course costs and ancillary course costs
AMFG benefits
Childcare allowance
Weekly allowance
Family burden equalization benefits such as a family allowance
Various budgets, such as study grants
Pension and compensation benefits such as victim pensions
Care allowance

To apply, the income of all persons of full age registered as central residents at the respective address must be below the income limits.

Please note that you can only submit one application for the respective address.

Deadlines and dates
You can apply for the Vienna Housing Bonus ’23 online from July 17, 2023, to September 30, 2023.

Mailing of letters:
Letters with the password for the online application will be sent in tranches between July 12 and July 21, 2023. Please apply before early August 2023 if you have not received a letter.

Responsible office
Social Affairs, Social and Health Law (MA 40)
Telephone: +43 1 4000-8040

Required documents
No documents are required.

You must provide the following information when applying online:

Password sent by mail to each Viennese address
Name and date of birth of all persons having their primary residence at the address
Contact details
Bank details
You will find the password on the 1st page of the information letter. You can use it only for one application per address.

If you have lost the password or there were problems with the delivery, please call the service phone: +43 1 4000-8040

Costs and payment

Online application for the housing bonus23 Online application for the Housing Bonus23 with the City of Vienna account
You can apply for the Vienna Housing Bonus ’23 online from July 17, 2023, to September 30, 2023.

The spelling of the name and date of birth must match the registration form. Otherwise, you cannot apply.

If you have questions about the Vienna Housing Bonus ’23 or a problem with the online application, contact the service telephone: +43 1 4000-8040; available: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., except on public holidays.

If you cannot leave the office and need assistance with the application, please call the service telephone. Please contact us exclusively by telephone, as written or e-mail requests will be given priority in the processing.

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