Vienna. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz already announced in his speech on Friday that there would be new measures in the fight against the second wave of the coronavirus. Minister of Health Rudolf Anschober is now also planning his own “declaration” on Tuesday. By Wednesday — there should be an agreement on the tightening.

Fixed: There will be no major events until at least the end of the year. This will of course also affect the ball season.

In addition, all further relaxation steps – from September 1 there should have been 10,000 spectators in stadiums and outdoor events with a correspondingly large audience – will be stopped.

Currently, up to 1,000 people are allowed in closed rooms. In Sweden – which has been widely criticized for a relaxed approach to the pandemic – 500 people should now have been allowed. Against which the police rebelled. In Austria the number is to be reduced massively. Presumably to a maximum of 100 for private events. 250 for organizers with operators.

Extension of the obligation to wear masks in rooms
Also a mask obligation for closed rooms with many people should come. Whether it also affects the catering trade, as in most EU countries, is still open.

— Hector Pascua, Source:”Österreich” Zeitung

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