Patient falls ill: AstraZeneca stops testing vaccine

9 September 2020 – The pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has stopped the clinical trial of its CoV vaccine as a precaution after one of the participants experienced health problems. This is a routine measure for such cases, the British company announced in the night to today. “In large test series, diseases occur randomly, but must be investigated by an independent party to verify this thoroughly.

AstraZeneca will speed up the investigation so that the approval process for the vaccine is delayed as little as possible, the company said. The ultimate goal of the review is to determine whether the health problems were caused by the vaccine. During the stop, no further study participants will be vaccinated and previously vaccinated individuals will continue to be monitored.

Third and final phase
The vaccine is currently in the third and final study phase with several tens of thousands of participants.

AstraZeneca and eight other pharmaceutical and biotech companies assured only yesterday that they will not compromise safety in the development of a CoV vaccine. This unusual step followed in light of concerns that there may be political pressure, particularly in the US, for urgent approval of the first vaccines before the presidential election on November 3. U.S. President Donald Trump promises almost daily that a vaccine will be available by the end of the year or possibly even before the election.

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