Initiative against plastic waste

App to motivate manufacturers to develop packaging alternatives
Supermarket shelves are filled with products in plastic packaging. “The consumer wants it that way,” is something you often hear from manufacturers. The non-profit organization “Coast against Plastic” shows that this is not the case with its cellphone app “ReplacePlastic”.
Plastic waste is a worldwide problem. Especially when it ends up in nature. Picking it up is no longer enough; the first steps towards change must be taken during production. This includes pointing out to the manufacturer that consumers want alternatives to plastic packaging. The German association “Küste gegen Plastik” has set itself this task. As coastal people, the members are confronted daily with the flood of plastic from the sea. In addition to waste collection campaigns and lectures, the cell phone app “ReplacePlastic” has been available since 2018.

Plastic waste

The function is simple: Scan the barcode of the product and send the request to the manufacturer to replace the plastic with an environmentally friendly alternative. There were around 140,000 products sent in the first year. Most companies respond positively to the e-mails, becoming aware of their responsibility. Success stories have been reported, as some suppliers have already freed themselves from plastic. A good way to fight against plastic waste together!

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