Starting tomorrow – McDonalds offers QR code and forms for guest registration

Guest registration: McDonald’s relies on QR code and forms

Thousands of people visit McDonalds every day: If they take a seat in the restaurant, they should will be registered.

Vienna. The fast-food company also had to act quickly when the registration ordinance was published by the municipality of Vienna, as McDonald’s Austria spokesman Willi Baldia explains. “We couldn’t wait for the standard form from the municipality of Vienna, because that simply came too late”. So the graphics department of the Hamburg giant designed its own – yellow – form.

McDonald’s guests have a choice: If they take a seat in the restaurant, they can fill out the form and put it in a box – the slips of paper are kept for 28 days and then disposed. Or: there is also a solution with a QR code. The guests have to hold out their cell phone – and fill up with their name and contact information. This data is also deleted after 28 days. Take-away customers and anyone who drives to McDrive do not have to register.

— Hector pascua with reports from Picture:

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