Over 20,000 new infections in Belgium in one day

For the first time in Belgium, more than 20,000 new infections with the coronavirus have been registered within a single day. According to today’s data from the national health authority Sciensano, a total of 21,448 coronavirus cases were counted on Tuesday. Consolidated figures are not yet available for the following days.

Within the EU, Belgium, with a population of a good eleven million, is currently one of the countries with the most registered infections in relation to population size.

Due to the dramatic situation, stricter restrictions are to apply from next week onwards. Most stores will have to close again. People are allowed to have even fewer contacts than before. At home, people are only allowed to receive one visitor a week; for single people it is two. Night curfews have been in force for a long time anyway. Bars, restaurants and cafes are also already closed.

Nevertheless, the number of coronavirus cases has continued to rise in recent weeks. As a result, the situation in the hospitals has also worsened, in some cases dramatically. Sometimes the limits of capacity were reached. Dozens of patients had to be transferred to other hospitals, even to other countries.

hp, Source: ORF.at/agencies. Picture: pixabay.com

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