Moderna vaccine shipments started in Europe

U.S. pharmaceutical company Moderna today began shipping its coronavirus vaccine in Europe. The company made the announcement in Frankfurt, Germany. A large international logistics company will distribute the active ingredient, which is produced in a pharmaceutical factory in Switzerland, to the individual national states, it said. For each country, there will be a central warehouse to which the contractually agreed vaccine doses will be delivered.

In the warehouses, the respective state authorities would take over and organize further distribution, Moderna said. The company did not provide further details. The EU had approved the active ingredient of the U.S. company on Wednesday. This means that two vaccines against CoV are now available, after a vaccine from the companies Biontech and Pfizer had previously been approved.

Moderna said the EU secured a total of 160 million doses for the current year. Vaccination with the Moderna serum is already underway in the U.S., Canada and other countries. In Austria, the vaccine is expected to arrive tomorrow. The Ministry of Health plans to announce details tomorrow.

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