Vaccination campaign picks up speed: Kick-off in Vienna General Hospital

Admittedly, the first Corona vaccines have already been administered in Vienna’s hospitals . On a larger scale, however, the vaccinations will be carried out in hospitals from Tuesday. The general hospital (AKH) makes the prelude.

About 7000 employees of the AKH or the Medical University are to be vaccinated, as a spokeswoman explained on Monday. The number of people who will get their turn each day varies. It is based on duty scheduling and allocation of vaccine doses, it was stressed.

In any case, those affected should receive the first partial vaccination in a period of six to eight weeks and the second three weeks later. Up to 700 employees can be vaccinated per day, according to AKH. The administration of the active substance will be documented in the electronic vaccination record – and, if necessary, in the personal vaccination record.

No compulsory vaccination
Vaccination is not compulsory even in the country’s largest hospital, it is assured. According to the Vienna Health Association, in a survey of WIGEV staff, 60 percent of the workforce said they would be vaccinated. Starting Wednesday, the Ottakring Clinic – the former Wilhelminenspital – will then take up the needle. The other hospitals will follow successively.

In Vienna, the official vaccination kick-off took place before the turn of the year. Christoph Wenisch, head of the 4th Medical Department for Infectious and Tropical Medicine at the Favoriten Hospital, was one of the first to be vaccinated. Since January 5, larger quantities have been delivered. Specifically, vaccines are being administered in 15 facilities – primarily in senior citizens’ and nursing homes and in hospitals. Starting from 18 January it is to give then also a registration platform for the population.

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