Total Corona chaos – current figures completely wrong

While the fear of the Corona mutation is also going around in Austria, the numbers of daily new infections continue at a very high level.

The headline Thursday morning was cause for grave concern: within just 24 hours, Austria-wide infection figures are said to have risen from around 1,900 to more than 3,500 Corona cases – in the middle of a tough lockdown. The increase was particularly dramatic in Carinthia: Cases are said to have increased more than sixfold in the southernmost province, rising from 165 to 1,073.

As “” has now learned, some states are now talking about a “false alarm.” The data are not correct. Currently, a clearing between the states and the federal government (AGES) is already underway. In the last 24 hours, there were actually 1,752 new positive findings.

Fact remains: The trend has been going up continuously for days and also strongly shakes the government plans. They envisage opening schools on January 25, 2021 and ending the hard lockdown at the same time. However, rumors are already circulating in the background about a hard, even stricter lockdown until Easter.

Already on Wednesday there was the next frightening news: Austria counted 70 suspected cases of the new coronavirus mutation B.1.1.7. The dramatic thing about it: Experts assume an infectivity of more than 50 percent – ten infected people would infect on average 15 other people. The experts’ concern is that the number of infected people could double every week. There is already speculation about a lockdown until Easter; there is hope through vaccination.

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