Actual price for mandatory FFP2 masks still open

The actual sales prices of the FFP2 masks, which are mandatory to be worn by customers as well in retail stores as of January 25, are still open.
The federal government announced that these will be sold by supermarket chains at cost price. This was confirmed by representatives of Spar, Lidl, Hofer and Rewe on Sunday when asked by APA. But how high the price will be, is still open. That depends on the procurement costs, because it is still ordered. In any case, there will be enough masks.

Many trading companies already have FFP2 masks in their range, but something will still happen with the price. “How the pricing will look from January 25, will be fixed in the coming days,” said a spokeswoman for Spar (Spar, Eurospar, Interspar). Like a spokeswoman for Rewe (Billa, Merkur, Penny), she stressed that the masks would be offered “as cheaply as possible.”

“The cost price is still open,” a Lidl spokesperson also said. The chain had placed FFP2 mask orders in the tens of millions, he said. “By the end of next week, we should be able to offer one million masks.”

Hofer, the domestic subsidiary of German group Aldi Süd, is also still in the process of ordering FFP2 masks. They are expected to arrive by the end of the new week, according to the company.

“They will be available to our customers at cost price in our stores. How high this will be has not yet been determined at the current time. We are trying to get enough FFP2 masks and will also order additional deliveries if necessary,” Hofer stated.

There are various sources of supply, each group has its suppliers. All of these are now being contacted. An industry expert told the APA that it would be difficult, but possible, to order the large quantities.

Nevertheless, there are some imponderables. For example, the cost prices for customers could possibly change in the course of business. High demand is known to increase prices. It is also possible that not all requested quantities could actually be delivered, it was said.

Low-income people are to receive the soon-to-be-needed masks free of charge, according to the federal government. The distribution of these masks is to be clarified in the coming days in the Ministry of Health.

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