Lidl, Hofer and other Supermarkets will offer FREE FFP2 masks, too

After the announcement of the REWE Group (Billa, merkur and Penny) more and more supermarkets are following suit and want to give away FFP2 masks for free.

In the middle of the week, the supermarket chains Hofer, Spar and REWE (Billa, Merkur, Penny) had announced that they would sell the FFP2 masks from 59 cents each. But then REWE provided a surprise, announcing that it would initially make the masks available for free. “This offer is valid while stocks last at the respective location,” it said in a statement.

Spar and Hofer responded immediately, relying on the same offer. At Spar, the FFP2 masks were already distributed free of charge on Saturday. Lidl switches on now also wants to make them available free of charge from Thursday.

“The demand for FFP2 masks just exploded again before the weekend and we sold around two million masks at cost. Our goal is to ensure that every customer who needs a mask gets one. We will therefore continue to sell them individually at cost price of 59 cents at the cash desk from Monday until probably Wednesday. On Thursday, a further 4 million masks will be delivered to our stores. These will then be given free of charge to customers who do not yet have an FFP2 mask at the checkout. In this way, we want to give our customers the security of knowing that – even if sell-out situations cannot be ruled out – they will always be able to get a mask from us when they need one,” a Lidl statement said.

Wholesaler Metro Austria also announced it would give away FFP2 masks for free.

At Spar, Eurospar and Interspar stores, the free masks are distributed at the entrance, each customer gets one piece. The offer is valid “while stocks last”, but without a time limit. At Hofer, they are available at the checkout.

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