Moderna vaccine: severe allergic reaction “rare”

US health authority: Ten anaphylactic shocks reported after administration of four million vaccine doses.

Severe allergic reactions to the US company Moderna’s Corona vaccine are “rare,” according to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC). After administration of more than four million doses of the vaccine, so-called anaphylactic shocks occurred in only ten of the vaccine recipients, the CDC announced Friday (local time). None of the allergic reactions resulted in death, it said.

The CDC based its assessment on documentation of a total of 4,041,396 vaccine doses administered between Dec. 21, 2020, and Jan. 10 of this year. A total of 108 allergic reactions were identified. Ten vaccine recipients, all of them women between the ages of 31 and 63, were found to have had severe reactions.

Similar to Pfizer
Nine of the women had a history of allergy, according to the CDC, but intolerances to vaccines were not known. Also, nine of the women experienced allergic reactions within 15 minutes of receiving the Moderna vaccine injection. In the tenth woman, anaphylactic shock occurred 30 minutes after administration of the vaccine. Six of the women reportedly required hospital treatment.

“The clinical and epidemiologic characteristics of the reports of anaphylactic shock following administration of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine are similar to those resulting from administration of the Biontech/Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine,” the CDC release stated. More women than men also had allergic reactions to the Biontech/Pfizer vaccine, according to initial findings. According to experts, however, this could also be due to the fact that significantly more women than men have been vaccinated against the coronavirus to date.

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