Number of new corona infections in Austria still high

The number of new Corona infections in Austria remains at a high level. In the past 24 hours, 1,202 new cases were reported, the health and interior ministries reported Sunday. Given that there is often less testing and reporting on weekends, one cannot really speak of a decrease. Since the start of the pandemic, 404,714 people in Austria have contracted SARS-CoV-2, and 7,418 have not survived Covid-19.

Most new infections within the past 24 hours were reported in Vienna with 274 cases, followed by Lower Austria with 197 and Styria with 149 cases. There were 143 new infections in Upper Austria, 137 in Salzburg, 109 in Tyrol, 102 in Carinthia, 60 in Vorarlberg and 31 in Burgenland.

Currently, 1,817 people are in hospital treatment due to the coronavirus, which is 31 patients less than on Saturday. Of these, 320 of the ill had to be treated in intensive care units. Here, too, there was a decrease of three patients.

For now, the number of people who died from or with Covid-19 declined. From Saturday to Sunday, 29 cases were reported, compared with 59 the day before. The most deaths occurred in Upper Austria with ten and in Vienna with nine. 381,654 ever tested positive have already recovered from an infection so far, which is 1,406 more than on Saturday. The number of active cases fell by 233 to 15,642.

By early Friday evening, more than 169,000 doses had been delivered to the various vaccination sites in Austria, according to the Ministry of Health’s vaccination dashboard. However, the data on does not necessarily correspond to the number of people vaccinated.

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