Because of Corona: 20,000 people in Vienna in quarantine

The corona numbers in Austria continue to rise. Now it has become known how many Viennese are currently in quarantine.

The corona virus is spreading rapidly; on Saturday 432 new cases were reported in the federal capital alone. As of Saturday (8.00 am), 12,825 positive tests have been confirmed in the federal capital. Tendency rising.

In view of the high number of new infections, the province of Vienna is already considered a corona risk area in Germany, Denmark and Belgium . But that is not enough: As now the speaker of health city councillor Peter Hacker, Mario Dujaković on Twitter confirms, there are already 20,000 Viennese in quarantine.

Particularly the infections with private celebrations represent at present a problem, as a study of the AGES shows. In fact, most new corona clusters are currently found in the family sector. The Federal Government will also intensify the corona measures starting next Monday, e.g. for celebrations in restaurants.

On Friday, 7,163 corona tests were performed in Vienna, making a total of 397,518 tests. The health hotline 1450 received 8,634 calls. Information for the population gives also the service number of the agency for health and food security (AGES) under 0800 555 621.

— Hector Pascua, with reports from Picture:

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