Germany bans entry from several countries from Saturday

To stop the spread of mutations of the coronavirus in the country, Germany bans entry from several countries from Saturday.

For countries where particularly contagious variants of the coronavirus have spread strongly, Germany has a wide-ranging entry ban from Saturday (January 30). According to “Bild”, the entry bans apply to the countries of Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal, Brazil and South Africa. From Sunday, they will then also come into force for Lesotho and Eswatini in Africa.

The German government has classified these countries as so-called virus-variant areas. The regulation will be in effect until Feb. 17, according to the German tabloid. Politicians and experts also classify the mutations as dangerous.

“There is a risk that the effectiveness of the currently used vaccines against the new variants will decrease, because the neutralizing antibodies formed by the vaccination will provide poorer protection against the modified virus,” Bild quotes the rationale for the Corona measures in the regulation.

But there are also exceptions! Namely for persons with residence and right of residence in Germany as well as for the movement of goods, according to the report. For returnees, there are also strict testing and quarantine requirements. Airlines, as well as rail, bus or shipping companies will also no longer transport people into the country from the risk areas from January 30, according to “Bild”.

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