COVID 19 infections in Austria: 1,838 new infections and 18 deaths

1,184 new infections counted the Ministry of the Interior just a week ago.

Already on Saturday, the Corona numbers were dramatically high. Today, at the end of the second opening week after the lockdown, 1,838 new infections and 18 deaths were reported. A look at the previous Sunday shows a dramatic increase: on February 14, authorities recorded 1,184 Corona cases.

Meanwhile, the impact of the store openings is also showing up in the statistics. In recent days, there have been above-average numbers of new infections: 1,877 on Saturday, 1,818 on Friday, 1,967 on Thursday, 1,735 on Wednesday, 1,427 on Tuesday and 1,225 on Monday.

Most of the cases reported today are from Lower Austria (496), followed by the capital Vienna (435). The number of additional positive findings is distributed among the federal states as follows:

➤ Burgenland: 49

➤ Carinthia: 109

➤ Lower Austria: 496

➤ Upper Austria: 245

Salzburg: 127

➤ Styria: 230

➤ Tyrol: 118

➤ Vorarlberg: 29

➤ Vienna: 435 (including 5 late registrations)

Currently, 1,262 persons are undergoing hospital treatment due to Corona virus. Of these, 257 are being cared for in intensive care units. As of today (February 21, 2021, 9:30 a.m.), 8,386 people across Austria have died as a result of the Corona virus and 420,509 have recovered.

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