Study: Fewer infections after Biontech/Pfizer vaccination

The Biontec/Pfizer vaccine also prevents infection with coronavirus, according to an analysis of British data. The risk of infection is likely to fall by about 70 percent after the first of the two doses provided, and by about 85 percent after the second, Public Health England announced yesterday, citing preliminary data not yet reviewed by independent experts.

“This suggests that the vaccine may also help to interrupt transmission of the virus, because you can’t pass it on if you’re not infected,” the statement said. The reported levels stem from the “Siren” study, which regularly analyzes symptom questionnaires, swabs and blood serum samples for a group of about 40,000 health care workers.

If further analyses confirm that the vaccines currently in use significantly reduce the transmission of the virus, the pandemic could be effectively curbed with the ongoing vaccination campaigns – and all the more quickly, the more rapidly large parts of the population are vaccinated.

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