Vienna waiting list: Around 500 people spontaneously vaccinated

In Vienna, about 500 people who were on a waiting list have been vaccinated so far. When doses remained, they were contacted spontaneously, APA reports.

In Vienna, those willing to be vaccinated can also be put on the waiting list via the online preregistration platform when registering. This means that if doses are left over from a Corona vaccination campaign, they are contacted spontaneously. So far, around 500 people have received an injection as a result, a spokesman for City Health Councillor Peter Hacker (SPÖ) told APA on Tuesday.

Registered ones are prioritized
With the waiting list, the city wants to prevent advance queues, in which other people than those intended by the vaccination plan come to the train. The enrollees are prioritized – for example, by age or pre-existing conditions – and then contacted spontaneously, if necessary, according to the ranking.

The selection of candidates also depends on the vaccine available. For example, the active vaccines from Biontech/Pfizer and Moderna are currently being vaccinated to high-risk groups and people over the age of 65, the spokesperson said.

All remaining vaccine doses have been distributed
Last week, on the other hand, contacts of pregnant women, people in non-medical healthcare professions and relatives of high-risk patients were phoned through because AstraZeneca doses were left over, he said.

Overall, the system has worked well so far: “We have been able to distribute all leftover vaccine doses via waiting lists so far,” the spokesperson concluded.

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