Vienna: Start of vaccination for teaching and kindergarten staff

Coronavirus vaccination for teachers, after-school and kindergarten staff starts today in Vienna. Over the next three weeks, a total of about 35,000 people from this sector will receive their first vaccination shot. The large-scale campaign will be held at the Austria Center Vienna. At the vaccination appointment, proof of employment at a Viennese school, kindergarten or after-school care center must be provided on the spot.

An informal confirmation from the employer is sufficient for this purpose. In addition to teachers of all school types, after-school care teachers and kindergarten staff, other professional groups working in schools or kindergartens also receive the first partial vaccination. These include administrative staff, school custodians or house workers. If the vaccination recipients do not belong to the high-risk group or are under 65 years of age, they will be administered the AstraZeneca active ingredient.

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