Green passport – mask obligation remains also for vaccinated persons

The green passport is supposed to give vaccinated people more freedom. But it is not a clean bill of health, some measures will continue to apply to them.

In the EU committee of the Bundesrat, the EU proposal on the “digital green certificate”, which is to give vaccinated people more freedoms,had been debated on Monday. The Union is working towards an entry into force on June 26. Austria, however, is moving ahead with its own “green passport” and wants to implement it as early as the end of April.

Although more than 400,000 people in Austria have already been fully immunized with two doses and around 470,000 should have antibodies after surviving a Corona infection, the government’s tough Corona measures still apply to everyone.

According to the experts, there is a lack of factual justification for further restrictions on the freedom of people who demonstrably no longer pose a risk of infection to others and who would also not burden the healthcare system. The aim, they said, was to gradually restore the normal state of affairs.

The panel of experts was guided by the proposals of the Bioethics Commission of last November. In its report, a distinction was made between “serious” and “minor” infringements of fundamental rights.

The more serious encroachments could most easily be countered with a green passport: This is about checks on proof of vaccination when entering restaurants, hotels, events and the like. These areas could be well demarcated, analogous to the hairdresser tests already implemented.

However, the Federal Chancellery stressed today, Monday, that the gradual facilitation of freedom of movement should only go as far as “the epidemiological situation allows.”

But what should remain for all Austrians – whether vaccinated, or not – are the “minor” interventions. This includes the mask requirement. The Bioethics Commission argued that it would have a demoralizing effect if, for example, bunches of people were suddenly riding the public transport system without masks. Moreover, checking every individual for the “green passport” would not be enforceable in public life.

The Ministry of Health thinks similarly. To the “Kurier”, the Anschober department confirmed:

“The mask requirement is a simple and potentially very effective measure and will be retained for all groups for the time being.”

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