Italy: quarantine obligation when entering from Austria

Italy is imposing a five-day quarantine on travel from EU countries, including Austria.

Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza plans to sign a decree to this effect on Wednesday, according to government sources on Tuesday. Who comes from EU countries, including Austria, must undergo a test and a five-day quarantine when returning to Italy. After that, they must take another test.

Italy imposes quarantine on entry from EU countries
The quarantine already applies to all non-EU countries. With the quarantine also on entry from EU countries, the Italian government wants to prevent many Italians from traveling abroad over the Easter holidays. From April 3 to 6, Italy will become a “red zone,” and Italians will not be allowed to leave their communities of residence to visit relatives in other towns or regions. However, they are allowed to travel abroad if they test negative for the coronavirus. This sparked outrage from the Federalberghi Hoteliers Association. “I can’t leave my community, but I can fly to the Canary Islands. This is absurd, considering that 85 percent of Italian hotels are closed,” said Federalberghi President Bernabo Bocca in an interview with the Milan daily “Corriere della Sera” (Monday edition).

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