Corona cases dropped to 2,906, 40 deaths

Corona infections rose above 3,000 daily cases for the first time in days. As of Thursday, authorities report 2,906 new infections, 40 deaths.

With 3,101 new infections nationwide, daily new infections shot above the 3,000 mark Wednesday for the first time since Easter. More than a third of those were counted in Vienna, with 1,130 cases. Well over 2,400 people also had to be treated in normal wards and 581 in intensive care units at hospitals. Numbers that are worrying in the face of a hard Easter lockdown in the east of Austria.

On Thursday, the picture is similar. Health authorities report 2,906 new Corona infections and 40 deaths. That compares with 3,363 new infections and 29 deaths reported Thursday of the previous week. There are also other bright spots: a decrease of 36 patients in normal wards and a decrease of three patients in intensive care units. This means that almost all relevant figures are down slightly, but the death figures have increased massively.

The numbers of daily new infections in Austria were constant in the Easter week just above 3,000 cases. On Monday, 3,076 new cases were registered, more than on any previous Monday this year. On Tuesday, the three-thousand mark was also just exceeded, with 3,001 new cases. On Wednesday, authorities reported 3,687 new confirmed Corona cases, on Thursday 3,363 new cases and on Friday 3,137 new cases. On Holy Saturday, health authorities reported 3,283 new Corona infections and 37 deaths.

On Easter Sunday, there were 2,743 new infections and 15 deaths. Then on Tuesday, health officials reported 1,935 infections and 35 deaths, a low in days. But: again 14 new patients in the intensive care units, 69 new cases in the normal wards. On Wednesday then for the first time again a Corona report almost under “normal conditions”, thus without holidays, but for it further also without school tests. The health authorities reported 3,101 new infections and 29 deaths.

Since April 1, the Easter lockdown has been in effect in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland. It is likely to remain in place in these three federal states, at least for the time being. The heads of intensive care medicine in the provinces have described the situation in their wards to the government. This is different, precarious is the situation only in the east. The government therefore wants to continue to focus on regional measures, and more money is to be provided for medical personnel. The eastern region then extended the Easter lockdown until April 18.

“Intensive care units are increasingly at risk of being overloaded, and infection rates are rising. It is our responsibility that everyone who needs an ICU bed gets one,” said Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler. “That’s what it’s all about.” And he urges us all to cooperate and stand together. “That’s why: Please comply, take advantage of the testing offer and sign up for vaccination.”

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