1.625 Corona cases before lockdown end in Vienna and Lower Austria

The coronavirus continues not to admit defeat in Austria. In the last 24 hours, more than 1,600 cases have been added again.

The coronavirus continues to spread in Austria, but the number of corona cases has been holding steady for days. A quick review of this week: there were 1,566 cases on Monday, 1,625 on Tuesday, 2,340 on Wednesday, 2,229 on Thursday, 2,131 on Friday and 1,615 yesterday.

New infections in the provinces:

Burgenland: 33

Carinthia: 119

Lower Austria: 165

Upper Austria: 289

Salzburg: 61

Styria: 235

Tyrol: 156

Vorarlberg: 87

Vienna: 480

— source: sozialministerium.at

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