1,091 new corona infections in Austria

From Sunday to Monday, there are 1,091 new Corona infections in Austria. Thus, the number of new infections at the beginning of the week is slowly but surely moving back towards below 1,000 infections.

Compared to the previous week (1,566 cases), this is a minus of 475 cases. Thus, the 7-day incidence is decreasing.

In addition, there are 15 new deaths related to Covid 19 infection. In Austrian hospitals, there are 32 new cases in normal wards. In intensive care units, occupancy has remained the same.

The figures from the provinces:
Vienna: 216
Lower Austria: 191
Styria: 173
Upper Austria: 149
Tyrol: 119
Vorarlberg: 94
Carinthia: 62
Salzburg: 46
Burgenland: 41

  • source: sozialministerium.at

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