Yellow vaccination passport as admission authorization

When – as planned – restaurants, hotels and cultural institutions open their doors again on May 19, Austrians who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 will be able to use their yellow paper vaccination card as an “entry permit”. This was confirmed today by the Ministry of Health.

In any case, the document must show the date of the first vaccination, which must be at least 21 days ago. Which vaccine one has received for protection against the coronavirus does not matter.

At the beginning of June, the digital vaccination passport (“green passport”) will be available, which you can download to your cell phone as a QR code. The prerequisite for this is the citizen card or a cell phone signature, and you can register for it via Austria’s public health portal. Anyone who has been vaccinated, tested or recovered from Covid-19 then only has to show their cell phone to be granted access to bars and restaurants.

Representatives of the older generation who do not have a digital affinity, or people who do not want a “cell phone solution,” can also print out the PDF file with the QR code – at least during a transitional phase – and use the paper as an “analog entrance ticket.

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