Is it necessary to post vaccination selfies (or vaccination card) on social media ?

The vaccination campaign is gaining momentum. More and more vaccinated people are proudly sharing selfies and proof of vaccination card and letting the world know they got their first (or second) shot. What’s the point?

No travel opportunities, excursions, parties or restaurant visit. Because of the pandemic, there are hardly any opportunities left to take pictures of yourself in front of spectacular scenery or among hip people and proudly post the result on social networks. But in the meantime, unfortunately, there is a remedy: Vaccination selfies.

More and more often, as the vaccination campaign progresses, “vaxxies” are washing up on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook timelines, showing familiar or perfect strangers holding their exposed upper arm up to the camera – wearing Band-Aids, of course.

Yes, the great relief about a Covid vaccination is understandable. Everyone should be granted a vaccination from the bottom of their heart. Besides, every vaccination brings us all closer to the end of the pandemic. But that doesn’t change the fact: these selfies are unnecessary, inappropriate and insensitive, especially in light of their accumulation.

Millions of people want to be vaccinated as quickly as possible – but it will be weeks before it is finally their turn. Among them are many parents whose children are of daycare or school age – and who are particularly affected by the crisis with its restrictions. They will now be able to experience the vaccination pride of others who got their turn earlier than they did.

This is particularly annoying because the federal government has set in motion relief for those who have been vaccinated. So, as true as that is, if you look at the vaccination selfies, you see people getting freedoms back. And it’s very likely they’re still a long way from that themselves.

Before the vaccination selfie glut, a few doctors and nurses had posted vaccination selfies. Things are different for them, of course. Not only that many of them show impressively, how much the fight against the Pandemie draws them under extreme load. At the same time, they are promoting vaccination with their photos.

Selfies may also play a role in some people, but far too many of the selfies are merely poses. Vaccination protection is effective even without selfies.

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