Greece opens beaches today

The Greek government has presented the coronavirus roadmap for the next few weeks and the start of tourism on May 15. Already from today, beach bars and managed beaches are allowed to open with their beach chairs. From Monday, all schools open. Then on May 14 museums are to be accessible again, on May 21 the open-air cinemas and from May 28 the country’s amphitheaters.

On Monday, outdoor restaurants had already reopened for the first time in a good six months. These were cautious but urgently needed opening steps, said the head of the Civil Defense, Nikos Chardalias.

He pointed out that, especially in view of the opening, it was essential for people to abide by existing rules. This was also emphasized by medical expert Vana Papaevangelou from the Coronavirus Crisis Staff: although the number of infected people is declining, local flare-ups must always be expected in view of the openings.

Openings with conditions
All openings come with strings attached. For example, students must always present a negative self-test on Mondays and Thursdays, which they receive free of charge. In taverns, spacing between tables applies and no more than six people may be seated at a table.

Establishments such as open-air cinemas and amphitheaters are only allowed to occupy half of their seats. And a nighttime curfew from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. continues to apply throughout the country. The Greek health authority had registered 2,691 new coronavirus cases within 24 hours on Friday.


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