Curfew ends today at 10 PM, on June 10 until midnight

Today, the curfew still ends at 10 p.m., from tomorrow, Thursday, it’s then: until midnight!
The minimum distance will be halved to one meter, the occupancy rate for cultural institutions will be raised from 50 to 75 percent and the mask and distance requirement for gatherings of up to eight people will be lifted. Meetings are permitted inside with eight adults plus children, outside 16 adults plus children.
Retailers and museums need 20 square feet of space per customer today, starting tomorrow, only 10.
The mask obligation for events and meetings outside will be lifted. Though the 3-G-rule in business premises, restaurants, hotels , cultural establishments etc. is still required. In other establishments and facilities without staff, the 3G rule may not be observed though one should be ready to show 3G proof if controlled.
For tour buses and excursion boats, the occupancy restriction will no longer apply, but the 3-G proof remains.
In the case of children’s and youth work and supervised vacation camps, 50 participants will be permitted.

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