Today, Corona measures are further relaxed

Infection figures in Austria continue to decline sharply, and “rapid progress” is being made in vaccination. For Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein, “with these positive developments, nothing stands in the way of opening steps.”

Today, the Corona measures are further relaxed. Instead of two meters distance applies again only one meter, the curfew is moved from previously 22.00 clock to midnight. More customers may be admitted in retail and leisure businesses. Cultural events can be held at 75 percent capacity (instead of the previous 50). In outdoor areas, the mask is dropped. There are also relaxations for travel.

In the gastronomy trade starting today, Thursday: indoor maximal eight adults, outside 16 adults (plus care-requiring children) per table are permitted; Only operators or waiters must continue to wear masks outdoors, otherwise the mask requirement falls outside everywhere.

In indoor areas, however, the usual FFP2 requirement continues to apply. The aforementioned person limits also apply to indoor meetings in private areas. For gatherings of up to eight people, no mask is required indoors either, and the distance rule also does not apply up to this number of people.

Only 10 square meters per customer
In retail, sports and museums, the number of square meters per customer is limited from 20 to ten. 3-G proof will continue to be required almost everywhere for entry, but not in museums, retail and when using services (except for those close to the body).

Travel regulations are relaxed: When entering Austria from most EU countries, people with 3-G proof are no longer required to fill out a “pre-travel clearance” (electronic registration). Bus travel is again possible under the 3-G rules without further restrictions.

No more curfew as of July 1
As of July 1, almost all restrictions will fall under compliance with the 3-G Rule. Only nightlife remains restricted. The classic activities in clubs and discos are still not allowed: dancing and drinking at the bar are still not possible, only consumption at tables is allowed.

The following regulations will apply from July 1:

If no 3G proof can be shown, mouth-nose protection must be worn indoors
No minimum distance and capacity restrictions
No open or closed hours in the catering/gastronomy sector
Night catering to follow during the summer
No upper limits on events – either standing or seated
Obligation to notify: from 100 persons
Obligation to obtain a permit: from 500 persons
Current status of self-testing for guests on site

If guests want to visit an establishment on short notice and there is NO test lane or pharmacy open, a self-test can be done on site
The federal government provides tests free of charge
7.4 million units have already been delivered to the states
Facilities will continue to receive as many tests as they need

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