Relaxation of the mask obligation

With further relaxations in Austria that went into effect on Thursday, the mask requirement has also been relaxed. This falls with 10 June – at least outdoor. Further relaxations of the MNS obligation could probably take place in July, it was said recently by the government.

Also in Denmark one agreed on the relaxation of the mask obligation. However, this goes much further than in this country. As of next week, far fewer people will be seen wearing mouth-nose protection in the country: The obligation to wear a mask or visor will be lifted on Monday for almost all areas of public life.

The only exception to this will be public transport. In public transport, the obligation to wear a mask or visor will finally be abolished on September 1. The government reached agreement on this and on further relaxation of the Corona measures with the majority of the parliamentary parties in Copenhagen on Thursday night.

As early as Friday, restaurants and other pubs will be allowed to stay open until midnight – just as they are allowed to do in Germany starting today. Similar to Austria, opening hours will then be extended again – but for the time being only to 2 a.m. In addition, the space requirements and distance rules will be lifted.

The ban on the sale of alcohol at late hours will also be relaxed from Friday.

Denmark had introduced the first opening steps in the spring and has since gradually scaled back the restrictions. In the meantime, basically everything in the country is open again except for discos – these are now expected to be allowed to open from September 1 after almost a year and a half of closure.

The remaining existing restrictions and guidelines are also to be simplified and eventually lifted altogether starting next week. As of Monday, a largely normal daily routine should be possible again at schools and other educational and day-care facilities, among other things.

The validity of the PCR test will also be extended from 72 to 96 hours from July 1, and up to 250 people will again be allowed to gather indoors at gatherings. The Corona Pass requirement in clubs is scheduled to drop to Oct. 1.

The number of new infections in Denmark has risen slightly in the wake of the relaxations, but has not skyrocketed. However, the incidence is now well above that in Germany, where it has recently fallen sharply.

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