Proportion of migrants in Austria rises to 24.4

Almost every fourth resident of Austria had a migration background in 2020. This and other interesting facts are revealed in the integration report.

For the eleventh time, the report breaks down how the situation of persons with a migration background has developed.

With 208,732 persons, Germans accounted for the largest share of foreign citizens. Behind them: Romanians (131,824), Serbs (121,990), Turks (117,580). The number of Syrians increased from 1,591 to 55,372 since 2011.

Although the number of asylum applications decreased from 88,340 to 14,775 since 2015. However, this still puts Austria in ninth place in Europe in absolute terms. 8,069 applications were recognized – fourth place, ahead of Italy, Spain, Sweden.

The proportion of students with a non-German colloquial language was 27 percent. In 2010, the figure was only 17.8 percent. In elementary schools, the proportion was 30.9 percent, in special schools 40.3 percent.

Boys with an immigrant background accounted for 13.6 percent who had not completed compulsory schooling. Girls: 7.4 percent.

While 9.9 percent of Austrians had no job, the figure for foreigners was 15.3 percent. The proportion was particularly high among Turks (21.8 percent), Afghans, Syrians and Iraqis (41.8 percent).

Whereas Austrian women had an average of 1.35 children, women from the former Yugoslavia had 1.97, Turkish women 2.04 and women from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq as many as 2.88.

46.2 percent of Austrians say that living together with migrants has worsened recently. 21.7 percent see improvements.

“Disagreeing” with the way of life, values and goals in Austria are 11.6 percent of Turks. Among Syrians, the figure is only 0.9 percent.

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