Popular vacation destination in lockdown again

The Greek government imposed a nighttime curfew on Saturday – completely unexpectedly – but only for one island: Mykonos.

In many places, Corona numbers are rising rapidly again due to the Delta variant – and Greece is no exception. Now the Greek government has – completely surprisingly – imposed a night curfew, but only for one island: Mykonos.

In addition to rising infection rates – most recently, the 7-day incidence rose to 400 – there was reportedly a disregard for Corona rules in bars here. Now the government is relenting. The Lockdown light remains upright for seven days.

According to this – starting with the night on Sunday – no one is allowed on the streets between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. for the next seven days.

Exceptions are made only for emergencies and for working people. Music is also no longer allowed to be played – either in bars or on the streets.

In addition, activities in which more than 20 people are in one room have also been banned. Furthermore, only nine people are generally allowed to meet, whether indoors or outdoors. The restrictions are in effect until 6 a.m. on July 26 for the time being.

According to the Greek Civil Defense, more than ten percent of the tests were positive in rapid test checks in recent days. The quarantine shelters are already overcrowded, said the head of the island’s health service, Dina Sampsouni.

Most recently, there have been parties with hundreds of guests almost every day, with people partying all night without distance or masks.

According to Greek media reports, there was a “hail” of booking cancellations after the local lockdown was announced.

— source: heute.at/picture: pixabay.con

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