Vaccination in St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Starting in August there will also be a vaccination station in St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Advance registration is not necessary for the vaccination. As at the Rathausplatz, the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson will be administered to those over 18. Twelve- to 17-year-olds will get that from Biontech-Pfizer. Twenty people can be vaccinated per hour. According to Cathedral Pastor Toni Faber, the idea for the site came from City Health Councilor Peter Hacker.

It’s not the first time Vienna has gone it alone in mandating tougher Corona measures. It is also stricter on mandatory testing: for example, Viennese children need a negative test result to go to a restaurant or swimming pool from the age of six, while in the rest of Austria, as is well known, the 3G rule does not apply until the age of twelve. Living room tests are also no longer recognized in Vienna – but they are in the other federal states.

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