Comeback of the mask: Where the mask is compulsory again

Because of the increased numbers of Covid-19 infections, the federal government is once again tightening prevention measures. Starting Friday, food retailers, supermarkets, banks and the post office will again be obliged to wear mouth and nose protection, Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) announced on Tuesday. The rules at Austria’s borders will also be stricter.

Also as of Friday, entry from risk areas will only be allowed with a negative PCR test. This test must come from certified laboratories. There will be increased quarantine surveillance and all border controls will be carried out together with the health authorities.

Churches and religious communities with links to risk areas abroad are being urged to make masks compulsory. Those with positive cases should be closed.

Where the mask is compulsory again
The following are the currently valid regulations for the compulsory wearing of masks:

in supermarkets and all grocery stores (from Friday, 24 July)
at post offices (from Friday, 24 July)
in banks (from Friday, 24 July)
in public transport and taxis
in cable railways and rack railways, coaches and inside excursion boats
in the health sector including pharmacies
for services where the minimum distance of one metre cannot be maintained – for example at the hairdresser
for events in closed rooms (except for assigned seating)

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