New rules apply starting Monday – Corona traffic light: The colors and measures at a glance

Yellow – medium risk:

In addition to the previous measures, mask is also required here by customers or visitors to business premises (trade), except in the catering trade, where it is only prescribed for staff.

There are also tighter regulations for events. With assigned places inside only maximal 2,500 and 5,000 persons outside, whereby mask must be  worn inside the  premises.

Without fixed seats, a maximum of 100 persons are allowed indoors and outdoors, There is permanent use of mask.

In the educational sector, MNS is required in the entrance area for parents and carers and for everyone outside the classroom. Activities should be moved outside if possible.

In hospitals, visitors should be registered and screening through checkpoints should take place. In the surgeries, visits should take place after appointments have been made.

Orange – high risk:

Here, among other things, these tightenings come into effect: Mouth and nose protection is required in all public areas in closed rooms. Thus also in the catering trade, except one is at its seat. The establishment operates only until 12 midnight. Outside, mask must generally be worn even if the minimum distance cannot be maintained.

At events in closed rooms, a maximum of 250 people are possible with fixed seats, without assigned seats only 25. Mask is generally mandatory.

The following additional regulations apply in the educational sector: sports activities only outdoors, special arrangements for arrival or pick-up by parents.

Here, there should be visitor restrictions in hospitals and nursing homes. Outpatient consultations should – as far as possible – take place telemedically (electronic transmission of prescriptions, electronic sick note).

Sports involving physical contact will no longer be possible, although exceptions may be made for top-level and competitive sports subject to conditions.

Red – very high risk:

Here the government recommends mouth and nose protection even at private meetings if the minimum distance cannot be maintained.

All events are generally cancelled whereby there should be exceptions for weddings or funerals, among other things.

Despite the obligatory kindergarten year, absences are permitted. In addition, the schools will switch to Distance Learning, MNS is obligatory when staying at school.

In the work area, home office is recommended when possible. Customer contacts are now only allowed in essential areas (food, pharmacies, petrol stations), which means that the remaining retail, hotel and catering businesses will be closed, where only delivery or pick-up services are possible.

 At red, visitors are banned from entering hospitals and old people’s homes, with defined exceptions. Consultations in the surgery will only be possible in absolutely necessary cases.

Fitness centers and similar sports and leisure facilities will have to close. However, sports alone or with household members in the open air should be possible.

  • Hector Pascua, Source:Österreich Zeitung

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